When you first open Notion you’re faced with a blank canvas to create whatever system you want and this comes with a number of challenges. But one of the biggest ones I’ve found is overwhelm and feature creep. In this post I’m gonna share how I avoid both of these by asking three very simple questions. 

Question 1: What is your systems purpose? 
Notion is open-ended and flexible and that is one of the biggest issues people find with Notion. You aren’t kept to a structure, you don’t set the limitation. You create them

So when you first create a system you need to ask what your system will be designed to do. 

Are you needing somewhere to store your online course notes, or perhaps something to track projects you’re currently working. 

No matter what it is, define it and be clear on what it’s purpose is. 

Question 2: Why do I need this system? 
This question is designed to stop you from the infamous procrasti-planning where you just plan for the sake of planning. It’s very easy to do, but it won’t actually help you. 

If you don’t have a clear need for this system that can be summarized a little deeper than “because it’ll make me more productive” then go for it! If you feel inspired you can dive a little bit deeper and answer what the pain points are that make you realize you need it.

This’ll help you answer the following question: 

Question 3: What problem(s) does it need to solve? 
This question is designed to help you keep it focused. I’ve lost entire months designing systems that I end up using less than 10% of it. I added it because omg notion could do this...

In this example you want to be as specific as possible. You need to look at what issues you’re having right now and solving them instead of just going yeah I need it to make me more productive... then spend weeks adding MORE & MORE & MORE... 

Why All This Matters? 
On the surface it feels like there’s an awful lot of planning just to create a single system. Why can’t you just make it up as you go along. 

Sure, you can... and truth be told that’s exactly what I did with my systems when I first started. But the sad fact was - I barely used it. It just sat there and I got excited because “It looked nice” and “look what I can create in Notion”. 

But for the vast majority of business owners you didn’t signup to Notion just because it was “cool.” You signed up because you could see the power and wanted to see how it could help you get more done in less time!

I signed up for Notion because I could see the power WHEN I SAW YOU ZIPPINGLY demo it and I believed it could help me get more done in less time! (Actually, just get MORE done.) I am using it for course creation, Speeches and MOSTLY curating stuff and making notes for later editing.  But I know it can do so much more. Can you fly across the pond and spend a week at my house helping me use this marvelous tool? (We'll have some fun, too! I promise.)

Haha! It would cost you far to much to fly me over to you! :) 
How about you just ask your questions here and I'll help you answer them! I've got a lot of exciting new content coming soon to the community! Until then if you have questions you're welcome to ask a question in the community!
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