Systems & Processes - are words I'm always using, but I've been in productivity for a while, and have researched it all too the moon and back again. 

When anyone asks me what Notion is, I come with the same phrase: 

It's a place where you can create your own custom workflows and processes.
This sounds great to productivity nerds like me... But it means nothing to a lot of normal people who are just trying to get things done.

I know... duh moment right here!

Well, during Friday's Course Junkies Office Hours. I was speaking to Mars Lord who I build her own Notion system to help keep her organized. I asked her what it was to her... 

Her reply was fantastic: 

 It's like I've got an office building all to myself
This gave me an idea, and I created an audio track sharing what Notion is with the analogy of "an office building."

Here's a short snippet of this 3 minute track:
Let me know what you think!
I'm so wise! lol

Love it! It makes much more sense to me that way.

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